About us


I'm Edward and the archive is based on some of my clothing pieces. I love clothing and especially the designer Rick Owens. His work is very unique and I've definitely got a little collection forming itself slowly but surely.

Another great part of Rick, is the community that comes with it and the friendships your form with people. Clothing is all about expressing yourself and I think that Avant-Garde fashion and design is modern art.

Once you get into this category in fashion, you have to change your whole wardrobe but it's something that happens over time, since the clothing is quite expensive and I'm only 16 so I'm buying piece by piece.

We had the idea to make a small archive of some cool clothes so we put ourselves together, took some pictures and started coding. We believe clothes bring people together and even though most people have different tastes, we can all appreciate a well thought out outfit.


I'm Shayan and I did this project with Edi because we were looking for ideas and it sounded like a cool concept.

I'm not into that kind of fashion but it looks pretty cool and I it was interesting to see some of the stuff he's made and the way it looks.

I helped with the web pages and some of the design element and I believe the project end up working pretty well and we succesfully realized our thoughts.

Fashion is not about how much your clothes cost, or the impressions you get from others. It's just another way of expressing yourself and it's important that you feel great in what you wear. It doesn't matter if you're wearing a regular pair of jeans and a T-shirt, or a crazy runway outfit. It doesn't change who you are, only the way you look on the outside.